Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Back on Etsy

So after a year of closing my etsy store I am back.  I closed my etsy store because I would keep selling the items at the market or in my store then I would have to deactivate the item.  Plus it is hard to keep track of everything when it is busy but when I am slow it is really slow.  Since January I have only had a couple thousand in sales, so my store is bursting at the seems.  I am however about to get very busy again and may regret reopening my etsy store but I feel I need to diversify.

Here is a link to my etsy shop
Etsy shop

Here are a few things you will find in my store.  If you live in Canada, I suggest you shop from my facebook page as there is a better selection.  Just go to my facebook page and click shop now.

I have closed my etsy account because it was too hard to keep track of my inventory so now it is all in one spot on my web page

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